Pay less and meet your quarterly minimum

In this article I want to show you how you can join my team, have Demonstrator Status and not “worry” about meeting the quarterly minimum.

Yes, there are multiple benefits of being a demonstrator. Buying your products at a discount, ordering new product earlier than consumers, access to amazing inspiration, insights and activities and more! “So what’s the catch?” you ask.

To remain an active Demonstrator is easy, but there is a quarterly minimum to maintain, and that’s where people get nervous. So let’s discuss that. The quarterly minimum in *sales is $300. If you break that down into bite-size chunks it’s $100 per month. Granted, many of us may not spend $100 on our “hobby” each month (even though many DO spend hundreds on “extras” every month – beauty treatments, monthly subscriptions, apps that recur each month, Starbucks – you get the idea). So how do your maintain your demonstrator status, with the benefit of a 20% personal discount and NOT “owe” the $100 per month? Here’s how to do it.

SHARE what you love! Most people who “craft” (defined here as “doing something of a creative nature”) have a community of others who also craft. Friends attend “Crop events” or “Stamp Workshops” or “paint & sip parties” together. Friends attend craft expos, craft fairs, quilt runs and craft boutiques together. Think about the handful (or more) people that you know that already share the love of stamping and paper-crafting with you. I know you have them.

It takes only 4 people to be involved with you to “lower” your $300 quarterly minimum to $48!! Here’s how it works. You join my team and become a Stampin’ Up! demonstrator. By the way, once joined, you have until the next FULL quarter to complete your first quarterly minimum. See chart below:

Invite your 4 friends to commit to buying their product through you, as a demonstrator, at only $20 per month (subtotal). 4 x $20 = $80 per month. $80 x 3 months = $240. This leaves only a $60 gap in the quarterly minimum. YOU fill that gap by either ALSO buying $20 worth each month OR buy $60 at the end of the quarter. And because you are the demonstrator, who gets the 20% discount, that same $60 purchase only COSTS YOU $48! In the event your friend(s) orders a bit more each month, that takes your contribution down even more. (And don’t forget that YOU will earn 20% deferred income on your friends’ orders – so that is coming back in your pocket as well.)

Of course you can adjust the math. If you only have 3 crafty friends or you have 5 crafty friends! But any way you do it, you can see that you will not be obligated to “buy” a full $300 worth of product each quarter. (None of the above numbers figure in tax / shipping, so that needs to be taken into account, but nearly everything you buy online incurs these costs.) A Paper Pumpkin subscription is a great option as well. If you have 4 friends who will subscribe to Paper Pumpkin under you, you will meet your quarterly minimum as described above. Their PP kits will automatically go directly to them each month and they don’t need to place an additional order through you.

By the way, earlier I added an * to the word “sales”. Don’t get worried about selling, or not being a good salesperson. All types of “Sales” are counted: the stuff your friends buy through you as well as the stuff you purchase yourself. So if you never want to “sell” anything, you don’t need to. It’s possible that you’ve known me a long time and you know I am NOT a salesperson. But I do LOVE what I do, and I SHARE what I LOVE. It happens naturally when you are excited about something.

I’d love to speak with you further in regards to becoming a demonstrator if you like. If you are happy NOT considering this option, I am very happy as well! I consider it a privilege to be your demonstrator and to be in community with warm, friendly creative people – like you. Being a demonstrator is not for everyone! But if it’s something you are considering, let’s talk.

Thanks for taking the time to check out my article.

Hugs & Happy Stamping!

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