Last Chance

The Last Chance Lists have been revealed. These lists show ALL the items that are going to retire when the new Annual Catalog comes our (available to you May 2, 2023). WHAT does this mean to YOU??

Review the lists. There are links to 2 lists below. One shows the items that are retiring from the 2022-2023 Annual Catalog. The second list shows the items that are retiring from the January – April 2023 Mini catalog. You need to review the lists and ask yourself:

  • Which item do I want and have not yet ordered?
  • Which item is currently available as a BUNDLE and will no longer be bundled in the the new Annual?
  • What ink refills do I need to order for my pads that are going to retire?
  • What card stock do I need to order before that color retires?

Last Chance List for Annual Catalog:

Last Chance List for January – April 2023 Mini catalog:


SOME retiring products are going to become discounted on April 4. The Good news, you might find a discount on an item you want. Bad News, by the time the sale price is active, the item could already be GONE. From my experience of MANY MANY years, I have seen the PANIC that ensues when these lists are released. Products that are retiring become very very popular and because they are available only while supplies last, it is easy to miss out entirely.

I strongly encourage you to order things that you want NOW. If you wait for the discount, you might miss out. The choice/risk is yours.

An absolute MUST is to order your ink pad REFILLS and card stock NOW. These items are not offered at a discount anyhow. These will SELL OUT.

If placing an order between today, March 31 and April 11, please use this Host Code at checkout: TKEWQDPN

Hugs & Happy stamping!

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